Donors vary from large corportations to school kids who are learning about the importance of giving and social responsibility. No gift is too small or too large and each and every one contributes to the viability of what is a valuable community project. We are thankful for every dime and on behalf of the community we serve we thank you all.


$500,000 AND ABOVE

LNG Canada brought a major contribution to the dementia home project in the form of two separate grants. The first, a $500,000 donation is for capital expenses focusing on the garden area with residual amounts going to to the project’s general capital budget. The second grant of $50,000 is for community education related to dementia care.

The District of Kitimat Mayor and Council offered early support to the project and approved the Housing Society’s application for funding under the $500,000 Affordable Housing Grant. This money is released in stages related to specific landmarks in the development process. The first amount was seed funding of $25,000, funds that allowed the project to commence design work with an architectural firm.

The Haisla Nation 

$100,000 TO $499,999

CIVEO Corporation was our first major donor and with their contribution made the dementia home a possibility. They gave 12 acres of land to the project, a gift that provided a significant financial boost to the project, but also a physical location and credibility for the enterprise. At the time of the donation the land was valued at $422,000

$10,000 TO $99,999

Jack Oviatt has been a major supporter both financially and through his contracting expertise throughout the early stages of our project.

Randy & Darlene Tait have challenged other donors to meet their contribution of $1000 per month for three years.

788758 Alberta, Inc. o/a  Huberdeau Forest Consulting, an Alberta company with local ties has given to our project.

Pembina Cedar LNG Partnership LP 

$1,000 TO $9,999

101 Industries: A Division of CIMS
Bill Garvin
Susan Jay
Corinne and Ian Scott
Carl and Bev Whicher
Richard Wozney
McElhanney Engineering
Jim Dent Construction
Pacific Blasting and Demolition
Michael Greening
Margaret and Hans Sanou
Fidelity Investments / Primerica
First West (Envision) Credit Union
Tim Horton’s
Knights of Columbus
Kitimat Masonic Lodge #169
50+ Seniors’ Centre


$25 TO $999

Anneli Jaakkola
Brad Hildebrant
Bravo’s Welding Contractors, Ltd.
Dal Monet’s Wood-Craft, Ltd.
Allan & Jean Pierce
Jean Rego
Urania & Carlos Pedro
Raymond & Barbara Webster
Clare Share
Tanya Rexin
Elvis Resendes
Jose DaRosa
Tuija Berndt
Kirsten Rasmussen
Canada Helps
Baljit Sing Sanghera & Devrie Rae Sanghera
Barbara & Ken Campbell
Marion & Karen Klepsh
John Pozsgay
Rio Tinto Employees
Frank & Maria daSilveira
Roy & Ann Ferguson
Larry & Ruth Blackmore
Susana C. Borges
Royal Canadian Legion
Moreno Guizzo & Huey-Lin Wu
Doug & Linda Thomson
The Roman Catholic Episcopal Catholic Women’s League
Maria Knight
Nechako Elementary Grades 6 & 7 Students
Elizabeth Cloakey
Inga Meier
Anna Rego
Sharon Reis
Manuel Clemente
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Lori Habinger
Horst Klepsh
Brian & Pearl Lennox
Tanya Rexin


Randy & Darlene Tait

Randy and Darlene Tait

Randy & Darlene Tait

Leif Gust, Corinne Scott, Sean Gust
788758 Alberta, Inc. o/a  Huberdeau Forest Consulting

Jack Oviatt

Jack Oviatt