he Kitimat Valley Housing Society, was founded on the principle that everyone is entitled to receive the same quality of care and to be treated with utmost respect and dignity regardless of their ethnicity, gender, social status or economic well-being. This principle the overriding motivation for all our fund raising endeavours and for the operation of any homes we assist in developing.

 We believe that all residents of these homes have the right to participate in their day-to-day lives in meaningful and productive ways, to have unrestricted access to information affecting all aspects of their lives and are entitled to make meaningful decisions about both their care and the progress of their day-to-day living and well-being.

Above all, we believe that the needs of any “system of care” always must be tailored to the needs of the residents both as individuals and as a group. 




he Kitimat Valley Housing Society, began its existence as a sub-committee of the Kitimat General Hospital Foundation. The Foundation had created a sub-committee to work on additional care beds for Kitimat. Northern Health determined that there is a gap in their continuum of care and that gap is specific to dementia care. 

That was a call to action and the sub-committee began an in-depth research into dementia care. In 2018 after receiving legal advice to move the dementia facility project to a new charity separate from the Kitimat General Foundation, the sub-committee became the Kitimat Valley Housing Society, a BC non-profit under the Societies’ Act and a registered charity under Canada Revenue Services.The Kitimat Valley Housing Society / Northern Health project has subsequently expanded to include the Kitimat Community Services Society who will be managing the operations of our home; BC Housing Corporation who are managing the construction; and the Centre for Technology Adoption in Aging in the North, a project of the University of British Columbia that hopefully will see our home become a “living laboratory” for innovative technologies.

There is also a steering committee that is informing the project that has a very eclectic composition. Representatives include: Kitimat Valley Housing Society, Northern Health, Kitimat Community Services Society, BC Housing Corporation, Haisla Nation, District of Kitimat, and Kitimat General Hospital Foundation.