The Kitimat Dementia Home Pilot Project

Kitimat Valley Housing Society

Heart lifts us up.

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Like most everything in our world our Dementia Home Pilot Project has been affected by the severe acute respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus 2, abbreviated as SARS-CoV-2 and what we know as COVID-19 pandemic. It pretty much has made a big mess and has slowed everything to a crawl. Construction costs have skyrocketed and supply chains have been disrupted. None of this has been helped by the fact that Kitimat is in the grip of a massive industrial project as well as the building of a bridge both of which are proving to make a very challenging contracting environment.

So, there is a challenging tension between affordability and need, a tension that we are meeting head on – we all know this project is needed. So, we soldier on because the project is important to all levels of health care in our community. Regardless the challenges, there are a host of solutions and we will find them. So, we implore all our donors and neighbours to be confident that we are as dedicated as ever and will persevere whatever the challenges.

So, we are hanging in there my friends.


Hands of Different Generations

Since 2018 we at the Kitimat Valley Housing Society have been working with Northern Health to bring a home to Kitimat that will serve the needs of those suffering from dementia 

The model of care we are incorporating is based on quality of life rather than risk aversion. It’s not that this model of care ignores dangers, but that it recognizes people need to engage with the world in which we live in meaningful ways.

Old Typewriter - Everyone Has A Story

There are compelling stories behind every diagnosis of dementia. They are intensely personal but share themes of fear and loneliness and fatigue and sadness. It takes courage and often help to find joy, fulfillment, and hope, but it is there. We would be happy to share your story here.

Man with memories disappearing.

Kitimat has Delta King Place for assisted living, Mountain View Lodge for long term care, but nothing for dementia care. This is a significant problem because dementia residents are being placed in homes that do not best meet their needs.

Happy Older Couple

Quality of life is possible with dementia, but it can bring desperate challenges to any family. Understanding dementia can help, but sometimes the challenges of providing care become overwhelming to families.  We are always available to provide what help we can.